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Applying for AccessFlorida Benefits

Access Florida Unemployment

The state of Florida has a website portal that it operates in order to make accessing and researching about unemployment easier for those applying for unemployment benefits, or for those who believe they may be applying for benefits shortly. Keep in mind that the Florida Legislature just renamed the program from the Unemployment Compensation Program to the new name of Reemployment Assistance Program. It didn’t really change the benefits offered, but was simply a name change.

There are some specific requirements that you must meet in order to be declared eligible for unemployment benefits.

·        Lost your job as a result of downsizing, or a situation that was not of your own making.

·        Currently unemployed.

·        Must have been employed for at least 18 months.

·        Abel to work and are actively seeking work.

There are locally based centers stationed throughout the state of Florida. You can find one located nearest to you by going to this link

Florida Unemployment

One of the easiest ways to be disqualified is if you were fired because of misconduct on your part. If you quit for personal reasons, this would also disqualify you. If you were just not great at your job and were fired due to poor job performance, you can still be eligible. Before you submit your claim you will need to make sure that you have some documentation gathered.

·        List of your employers for the last 18 months.

·        Social Security Card.

·        Tax return for the last year.

·        Driver’s license or state issued ID

·        Labor Union information, if you are a member.

·        Military ID if you were in service sometime within the last two years.

·        Financial information such as a routing number, cancelled check, or deposit slip for your bank.


Once you have all of these together, all you will need to do is to file for unemployment. In the state of Florida, many companies will file this for you the week prior to your unemployment. However, it is to your benefit to go ahead and get an account set up with Florida ACCESS and to obtain the case number from your current employer. If this is not possible, then you can submit your own claim at this web address:   It should only take about an hour to complete. Once you file you will get an immediate answer as far as if they’ve received it from you or not. Once it is approved, it could take another few weeks before the first of the money is delivered.