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Applying for AccessFlorida Benefits

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 What is Access Florida?

ACCESS Florida is the abbreviation for the service called: Automated Community Connection to Economic self Sufficiency (ACCESS). Florida’s ACCESS program has a website that provides all of the forms that you are going to need in order to receive various state funded benefits programs such as food and medical assistance.

Specifically, the food program helps those in need to purchase the necessary food in order to maintain health. The amount you will receive is dependent on how many people are in the family and how much money, after expenses, is left to the household to live on. To be eligible for this program there are a number of qualifications:

·        Be a US Citizen

·        Must fall on or below the income poverty level

·        Live in the state of Florida

·        Be in good standing with child support


The Temporary Cash Assistance Program available via ACCESS, offers a brief cash assistance if the family has children that are under the age of 18, and also have specific requirements:

·        US citizen as well as reside in the state of Florida.

·        Compliant with child support

·        Children must live in the home full time

·        Family assets must not exceed $2000.00


Lastly, there’s the Medicaid Program that is offered by ACCESS. This offers additional assistance financially to those who need help to cover medical expenses and bills. Eligibility is determined by the DCF or the Social Security Administration if you are on SSI. You can apply for this program at this website:   In addition, there are many subcategories under Medicaid which includes assistance for the elderly, the disabled, those acting as caretakers of children that are not their own, Medicaid for children only, for pregnant women, and emergency medical help for those who may not be citizens (there are limits to this type of assistance, however).

How to Apply for Florida ACCESS

Florida ACCESS programs are very simple to apply for. Simply go to then look for the specific service you are interested in applying for. There are strict eligibility requirements, so make sure that you meet all of those before applying. The forms are available online and can be filled out online. If you would rather fill out the forms, long hand, then simply print the form and return it to the address that is on the form. If you need help filling out the form, there is a number that you can call for help on this: 1-866-762-2237